BMW SE Cafe Racer Concept Bike

BMW SE Cafe Racer Concept Bike

The BMW SE Cafe Racer rightly bears the name Racer. The country road flies past you, the tyres literally suck the asphalt into themselves. The bike impresses with razor-sharp handling, contemporary braking performance and lots of cornering fun. The seat geometry is front-wheel oriented, yet balanced and by no means uncomfortable.

For customers who want to own a classic Cafe Racer with sporty genes, but still want a relatively comfortable bike. Often they are combined, i. e. the rear of a cafe racer and the front of a roadster. For those who like the style but need a place for a pillion rider every now and then, we offer the combination of the Roadster 2-person seat and handmade aluminium hump cover. This means the racer can be converted from 1 to 2 person operation in no time at all.

The Bridgestone BT45R tyres offer a lot of adhesion and a sharp handling. The fork is shortened by 50mm and the rear is raised by 10mm. This shifts the weight to the front wheel, which also results in a total weight distribution of 60% in favour of the front. The SE Cafe Racer offers maximum feeling and confidence on winding country roads, but despite its sporty design still sufficient comfort for longer trips.


  • sport handle bars
  • Sports tyres Bridgestone BT45R 110/80-18 and 130/80-18
  • Höckersitzbank (alternatively is a 2-person Roadster bank with aluminum hood cover)
  • fork conversion -50mm shortened / spring leg rear +10mm
  • Sports coordination of the spring elements


  • Sporty, front-wheel-oriented seating position
  • Chassis designed for good curved handling
  • Balance 60% front / 40% rear designed
  • Use 70% Sports / 30% Comfort

TechnikScramblerRoadsterCafe RacerBobber
Federweg vorne195 mm135 mm135 mm105 mm
Federweg hinten125 mm125 mm125 mm125 mm
Gabellänge+ 20mm-50 m-50 mm-80 mm
Federbeinlänge+ 40mm+ 5mm+ 10mm-5 mm
Gewicht171 kg 173 kg172 kg168 kg
LenkerRohrlenker 22mmRohrlenker 22 mmStummellenker Rohrlenker 22 mm
Lenker Breite Höhe760mm / 64 mm760mm / 64 mm700 mm760mm / 64 mm
Tankinhalt22 l22 l22 l22 l
Leistung60 PS (bis 95 PS)60 PS (bis 95 PS)60 PS (bis 95 PS)60 PS (bis 95 PS)

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