Sports-Evolution Concept Bikes - custombikes from a single source

  1. The SE Concept Bikes are completely rebuilt and restored motorcycle conversions, including engine, transmission and electrics. We provide the base vehicles and take care of the TÜV acceptance. The condition after completion corresponds to that of a new motorcycle.
  2. Beside the SE Concept Bikes we build many customer motorcycles as order work. You run us your motorcycle, we discuss all details, plan the conversion and carry out the entire work including the TÜV acceptance.
  3. It also does not always have to be stalk-oriented conversions, complete or partial restorations are just as much a part of our portfolio.

Buying a custom bike or converting a motorbike, what should you consider beforehand?

A custom bike is a motorbike individually tailored to its owner. Everything can be built the way a man or woman has always wanted it. You should therefore be clear in advance about everything that the motorbike conversion should fulfil. But there is one thing you can take straight away: There is no such thing as a motorbike that can do everything perfectly, even if it is a high-quality custom bike. If you want to go on a major tour once a year, it doesn't make much sense to build a touring bike like the BMW K1600 and then spend the rest of the year torturing yourself with 100 kg of excess weight. 
Basically, there are four styles. First and foremost the cafe racer, followed by the scrambler, bobber and roadster. The different motorbike styles can be easily combined. So the rear with the single-seat humpback seat of a café racer and the front with the higher handlebars of a roadster. Or the rear of a bobber combined with stubby handlebars, a roadster with a side licence plate holder, a scrambler with a humped seat - there are no limits to the design possibilities.
If it's an older bike, you have to consider whether it needs an overhaul or even a restoration. Vehicles before 1990 were often not suitable for unleaded operation. As a rule, an overhaul or at least a reworking of the engine and transmission is often necessary. Otherwise, it makes no sense to invest a lot of money in the style of an individual custom bike that looks great but rumbles every time you ride it.