BMW R nineT suspensions, suspension service and suspension tuning

Choosing the right spring rate, what to consider?

The spring rate describes the force needed to compress a spring by 1mm. For example, if the spring rate is given as 9.0Nm/mm, the force is 9.0 Nm at 1mm, 90 Nm at 10mm and 135 Nm at 150mm. The assumption that a body weight of 80 kg requires an 80 Nm/mm spring is wrong.
 You can assume that a manufacturer usually has a spring rate in the middle of all needs. So normal body weight as well as normal driving condition. However, it should be noted here that most suspension elements are also suitable for two-person operation. One should compensate however by means of the adjustment of fork and suspension strut this additional load.
 Next to the weight, the actual character is the more decisive point. Do I want a tight, sporty chassis or rather a comfortable one. Or is the best compromise in the middle most preferable to me and I decide the layout via the setting.

BMW R nineT suspensions, suspension service and suspension tuning.

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