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​BMW K-Project by SE

SE K-PROJECT - Development is progressing rapidly, which means that the product list for the K models is getting longer every week. What is slowing us down a little at the moment is the long way to go for the TÜV certificates. From next week, the side and centre licence plate holders will also be available for the Paralever models. At the moment we are working on the footrest systems. The assembled version has been purchased, but the seat position is adventurous. Here we will be focussing on riding comfort.



SE Sport-Evolution Motorradmanufaktur
NEW! Rear conversion packages

Are you dreaming of a converted BMW 2-valve?
You have the right motorcycle, but can't find the time to do the conversion?
May we help you to fulfill your dream?
We have put together a TOP offer for you.   

Now at an introductory price!   Rear conversion incl. assembly work and TÜV registration

You can find all the information here!


 BMW SE Scrambler in Action
SE cylinder guard set 2-piece in black powder-coated or chrome-plated incl. mounting kit

You don't always have to do everything yourself. In the case of the crash bars, however, we had to. Firstly, there weren't any available on the market and if there were, the price was upwards of €250. So we fed the CAD program, looked for a good manufacturer and here they are: The SE engine guards for all BMW two-valve models.

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BMW SE Scrambler in Action
SE Footrest comfort installation kit BMW R65 R80 R100 Monolever Twinshock

The original footrests of the BMW R65 R80 and R100 are positioned comparatively far forward. In addition to the unusual seating position, the space between the carburetor and footrest is also very small. In order to create sufficient clearance, BMW has offset the footrests on the right and left by approx. 40 mm. Nevertheless, riders with larger feet in particular bump into the carburetor float chambers when shifting gears or braking.
The SE footrest adapters place the footrests at the same height. We set the brake side back 65 mm and the shift side 105 mm. We lower the height slightly by 10mm to make the knee angle even more comfortable.

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SE Sport-Evolution Motorenbau
Dream or truth?

Dream or truth? The manufacturers' performance data or the desired performance after tuning are always interesting topics for discussion. We have dedicated a category to this topic and published a few performance diagrams from our test bench and our performance kits.

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 BMW SE Scrambler in Action
The SE Enduro joins the SE Concept Bike family

It has long been our plan to build a classic enduro based on the R80/100GS chassis. Simply a bike without a lot of bells and whistles, without electronics and light. We offer all SE options for the bike, such as our own 1070cc torque kit, the SE Performance shock absorbers or our now world-renowned fork damping system (cartridge). As usual with SE, everything comes with a TÜV certificate or ABE. In addition to our completely turnkey concept bikes, all parts will also be available as conversion kits in our store from January.

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BMW SE Scrambler in Action
The SE Bobber is becoming more and more popular

The SE Bobber is slowly becoming the most popular SE concept bike. Although the SE Roadster is still clearly in the lead, it is already being pushed hard. We are very excited to see how this will develop in 2024 and how our brand new SE Enduro will be received by you.

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Stock clearance, many current bench seats in sales%

16 different seat models in four colors and two different types of stitching have completely blown our stock and the capacity of our saddler. So we had to decide on two remaining leather colors. Everything else has to go.

But beware: only while stocks last


BMW SE Scrambler in ActionAll Syles

The BMW concept is so simple and yet so versatile. There are endless combination possibilities. The strength of SE Motorcycles is building unique bikes according to the individual wishes of our customers. We have built several hundred BMW custom bikes over the last 10 years, each one bearing the individual mark of its owner.

We offer a wide range of optional parts with which you can customise your bike according to your own ideas. We also incorporate your own individual wishes into your SE Concept Bike projects, creating unique motorbikes with your own personal touch.
Want to know more? Take a look at the SE Concept Bikes section or call me directly:

Tel: 02622 / 922 72-13
Dietmar Franzen

Rubrik SE Concept Bikes:
BMW Concept Bikes | Sport-Evolution ✓ Marktführer für BMW Boxer Umbauten und Teile

BMW SE Scrambler in Action
SE Geländesport

Up to now, the conversion of BMW GS models has always been something of a taboo subject. In the meantime, this has changed and we are receiving more and more enquiries for such conversions. During the conversion, we retain the advantages of the BMW GS models and combine them with contemporary riding behaviour and the style of real off-road sport motorbikes.

Infos: BMW Scrambler kaufen | Scrambler Umbau by Sport-Evolution

Sport-Evolution-BMW MotorradumbauCustom-Bikes are just for Show?
NO, not those from SE Motorcycles! It may well apply to most motorbikes in this category, but not to the bikes from the SE manufactory. Here, cool custom bikes are created that are built to be ridden and stand out for their amazing performance.

⇒ watch Action Video here

The session in the gravel pit was the result of a chance meeting. Aaron Zimmermann, owner of the photo and film agency "Kingfisher Films", stopped by our shop a few weeks ago. His company is only a stone's throw away from us, but we were both previously unaware of this. He said that cool bikes and cool films belong together. So we spontaneously arranged to meet for an evening in the gravel pit and later on the country road. Without much tam-tam, but with a lot of instinct for the perfect session, Aron went to work and chased me through gravel and sand. I have to admit, I have never been off-road with one of our scramblers before. I've been riding motocross for 20 years, but the last time I did it was a good 15 years ago. At the beginning I was still a little queasy. But the bike gave me so much confidence and was so easy to handle that the knot was quickly broken. From that moment on, it was just pure joy.
So many thanks to Aaron and his team for the cool experience and the brilliant material. It will not have been the last session together. Here is the link to Kingfisher Films:

Custom Bike Show 2022Mikuni slide carburators for BMW 2-valvers
Before fuel injection technology replaced carburettors, it was the flat slide carburettors that were the benchmark. We offer slide carburettors in different sizes and for different purposes. The 36mm are primarily suitable for the R80, but also for the R100 and offer the most pressure from the rev range. The 40mm version is the best compromise between rich performance from low revs and good top end power. The 42 mm version is a pure sport and racing carburettor, the peak power gained is slightly at the expense of the lower rev range.
In general, however, with a slide carburettor the rider is in control of the power he wants to release. No under-pressure piston interferes, a short twist, every twitch is converted into propulsion. Sensitive response, great sound and a rich power and torque development are guaranteed by the conversion to slide carburettors. The carburettors can be combined with our open intake funnels or the high-performance air filters.


BMW Bobber

Not everday

SE Motorcycles stands for individual conversions. The customer is the centre of attention. His personal wishes flow into his bike and make him part of the project. At the end he can proudly say: "I built this bike together with SE".
This time, however, it was something very special. We built almost identical bikes for two very nice brothers. There are small differences, which we will resolve in the photo production that follows later.


We are there ⇒ Motorradwelt Bodensee next weekend. 

We have the latest SE Concept Bikes and show many new parts to touch and be inspired. Our SE Concept Bike catalog is of course also at the booth, free to take away. 

We are looking forward to your visit!

If a nice weekend at Lake Constance and a visit to the fair is too far, we might see you at the
Hamburg Motorcycle Days (10.02.-12.02.2023) or at the IMOT in Munich (24.02.-26.02.2023).

Custom Bike Show 2022This SE Roadster
is built on the basis of a 1981 BMW R100RS. In addition to the stylistic construction and a complete restoration, the overall performance was in the foreground. The bike should not be a racing machine, but offer the maximum possible for the country road without completely replacing components such as swingarm or fork. 
Accordingly, we installed the highest suspension levels that we offer. On the one hand our completely adjustable SE Performance gas pressure shock absorbers with external reservoirs (compression low/high speed, rebound, length, spring preload), our SE fork damping system (cartridge system, available worldwide only at Sport-Evolution- (BMW R65 R80 R100 fork damping system for Twinshock models with 36mm ( and our sport brake discs in conjunction with a Brembo hand pump and sintered metal brake pads. The engine has been fitted with our SE 1070cc Sport Kit ( BMW 1070cc Performance Sport Kit for all R80 R100 (, a 325° camshaft, our Stage 2 cylinder head treatment, Mikuni TM40 carburetors and dual ignition. The result is a healthy 85hp and 90Nm.


Custom Bike Show 2022Twinshock becomes Paralever

The specialists will see it, this is the frame of an older Twinschock model. It can be recognized primarily by the exhaust holders. However, the fork, the rear frame and especially the swingarm with cardan are from a Paralever model? 
The vehicle was delivered by its owner and comes from family ownership. It was not allowed to be exchanged in any case, so the main frame with chassis number and vehicle registration had to be preserved.
Replacing the fork was the smaller task. Here only the length had to be adjusted, the 41mm bridge set with bearings fit otherwise so in the Twinshock chassis.
The swingarm was the exciting part. The width fits, but the height does not. The cross brace was completely removed and replaced with a new one that was welded in higher. The shock absorber was re-canted and also welded to the main frame. Finally, everything was re-measured, a couple of new footpegs welded on and fancy spoked wheels fitted.   
Oh yeah, the engine got our new SE 1070cc torque kit, the heads were reworked, an exhaust system was made and Mikuni carburetors were installed.


Custom Bike Show 2022
Custombike – Show Bad Salzuflen from 02.-04.12.2022

After two years of abstinence, the "Custombike" will finally take place again in Bad Salzuflen and of course we will be there again. After Glemseck 101 and Intermot the third event this year where we present our bikes and conversion parts. So who has nothing planned for the coming weekend, we look forward to your visit.

CUSTOMBIKE-SHOW 2022 - Messezentrum Bad Salzuflen

SE Sport-Evolution Motorcycle manufacture
Measuring 95 hp is one thing, driving 95 hp is just awesome!

Much has been written about the 100 hp BMW 2-valve boxer and we have no doubt that one of the great 2-V gurus from the good old days has also accomplished something like this.

We have had a few vehicles here that their owners were convinced had over 100 horsepower. At least that's what they promised you for a lot of money. About 5 HP one does not want to argue there, that can arise already on the basis of measuring tolerances. It was then however most 20 HP and more, which were missing. 

We have been dealing with the topic for a long time now and know that even real 80 hp cannot be achieved with a 1070 kit, even if the manufacturers promise it. 

We have already exceeded the magic 100 hp limit a few times. However, this was at the expense of the engine character, i.e. the 2-valve became too extreme and simply lost too much power and torque in the lower range. In numbers, we have between 3,000-4,000 rpm about 20 hp and 20 Nm less, but then from 7,000 rpm to 9,000 rpm the famous Luzi goes off. A balanced power and torque we get up to 95 hp and that too without at the expense of durability. 

But we still have many ideas to crack the magic 100HP limit in combination with a typical BMW two-valve engine character. Be sure, we stay on it.

BMW Motor Tuning Leistung | Sport-Evolution ✓ Marktführer für BMW Boxer Umbauten und Teile


How does the price of an SE Concept Bike come about?
"Our Concept Bikes are fully reconditioned and completely rebuilt custom bikes, including rebuilt engine and transmission, which when completed are equivalent to the condition of a new motorcycle".

But what does that mean?
Engine and transmission are completely disassembled, crankshaft ground or lapped and rebuilt, connecting rods angled and rebuilt, oil pump completely replaced, timing chain, tensioners and tensioners new, cylinder heads converted to unleaded..... read more


Glemseck 101 is back again

On the first weekend of September 2022 the "101-Spirit" will revive the old Solitude race track near Stuttgard and of course we will be there again as exhibitor and "Glemseck 101 lover".
Come by, let us show you our latest BMW 2-valve concept bikes and take our SE custom bike catalog with you.  We will be there with our team and will be happy to answer all your questions about BMW 2-valve conversion or engine tuning.

So save the date: 02.-04.09.2022 Glemseck 101

BMW Bobbers are the trend bikes of 2022

July 05, 2022 Dietmar Franzen

BMW bobbers based on two-valve engines are the trendsetters of the season. Of course, the concept is old and has already been implemented by many brands. But there is hardly a base, which can be reduced in such a way and thereby reinterprets this puristic style. 
For this concept we have developed a free-swinging rear fender kit that can be mounted without drilling or welding. The license plate holder is laterally movable, so everyone can decide for themselves how much legality is enough.

All components have a German TÜV parts certificate according to §19.3 and can therefore be registered by any test center.



BMW SE Roadster is the most popular concept bike

July 12, 2021 Dietmar Franzen

Our Roadster has been one of the most popular bikes from the SE Concept Bike range for years. It is simply the classic, puristically reduced and authentic. Nevertheless, every bike gets the individual touch of its new owner. That is what makes Sport-Evolution Concept Bikes. We build individual bikes for individualists. The SE Concept Bikes are unique and due to their lasting value a purchase for life. Do you feel like trying out such a bike? Then call us: 02622/922 72-0  

All components have a German TÜV parts certificate according to §19.3 and can therefore be registered by any test center.


How and why is the fork shortened on the two-valve BMW Boxer models to lower the forks.

Why shorten the fork: The original reason to shorten the forks of the BMW 2-Valve models was to improve the handling. The classic BMW 2V boxers are originally designed rather rear-heavy. This makes the front wheel feel and handling not really good, at faster speeds the stem becomes light and the BMW starts to lurch. 
The first measure was to install new and length adjustable shocks. The original components were inherently too soft, the spring force has naturally decreased further in 30 years. In addition, these old shock absorbers did not have a well-functioning damping system. Replacing the shocks was a significant improvement, but we were not yet satisfied with SE Concept Bike. 
The second measure was to lower the front end. The handling basically improved with every millimeter we lowered the fork. In the -50mm range, the feel of the front wheel was good and the handling precise. Ride comfort did not deteriorate significantly.
What happens if I shorten more? If the fork is shortened more than 50 mm, you no longer achieve any significant improvement in handling. However, comfort decreases with every millimeter. In extreme cases, when forks are shortened 120mm, there is no remaining travel. A monolever has a total travel of 175mm. If you subtract the negative travel of about 40mm, you still have 135mm left. If you shorten the fork by 120mm you have an effective travel of only 15mm   
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TÜV registration of carburettors, sports air filters or funnels

In principle, modifications to these parts are subject to registration. There are no certificates or an ABE for them; the registration must be carried out by individual approval. As a rule, a performance and noise measurement is required. Up to an Ez of 1988 you have a good chance, from Ez 1989 onwards an exhaust emission certificate is required. This is theoretically possible, but not practically feasible due to the high costs involved.

The requirements for the registration of individual air filters or carburettor modifications depend on the respective inspection authority and can vary greatly in terms of both effort and cost. Therefore, it is best to talk to the respective test engineer in advance. It is clear that this requires a vehicle that is ready to drive and in a condition that is otherwise suitable for registration.

BMW R80 R100 2-valve tyre conversions  

Tyres play a decisive role in conversions. However, I do not want to go into the evaluation of individual tyre types and makes here. As a rule, the reason for fitting scrambler tyres is not because people want to go off-road. It should be clear to everyone that a low-profile sports tyre will always perform better than a 4.50 Shinko bias-ply tyre or a TKC80 scrambler tyre.
For tyre conversions, especially when changing the size, there are usually no expert opinions or clearance certificates from BMW or the tyre companies. The TÜV is required to check the suitability of the tyres for the respective motorbike. Registration is then carried out by individual acceptance. Fortunately, there are many TÜV test engineers who have a great affinity for motorbikes and have the corresponding competence to evaluate such a conversion and also to approve it. You need such an inspector!
Unfortunately, there are also examiners who do not want to take on this responsibility and do not want to make any entries without an expert opinion or a clearance certificate. If the vehicle is a 300km/h fast S1000RR, I can still muster some understanding. But not with our beloved BMW 2-valves, which are miles away from such speed ranges. Should you come to such a test engineer, I would recommend you to break off and go to another TÜV office.
But even if you get to a competent inspector, there are rules you have to follow.  

The tyre size must fit the rim size. As a rule, tyre manufacturers indicate in their technical tables which rim size is suitable for the....

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Sport-Evolution-SE-Motorcycles-Concept-BikesBMW 2V Boxer engines black thermodynamic coating (only in conjunction with an engine overhaul). 

Simply painting over the entire engine with a heat-resistant paint is not a good idea. There are several reasons for this:
It starts with the fact that the individual engine parts have to be prepared, i.e. degreased and roughened. The best method for this is blasting. If the blasting cabin is large enough, you can simply process the entire engine in it. The danger here is that blasting material gets into the interior of the engine and causes damage later. Therefore, it is better to disassemble the engine after cleaning and clean it thoroughly.
You can also prepare the engine laboriously with an abrasive sponge. This works quite well on the smooth surfaces, but between the cooling fins it is almost impossible to ensure good painting conditions. Since the cylinders of a 2-valve boxer engine are exposed to the wind, the paint is bound to peel off.

Ultimately, however, it is not possible to simply paint over all the parting surfaces. An engine consists of many individual parts (oil sump, cylinder, cylinder head, control box, etc.) that are screwed together with seals in between. On the one hand, the varnish on the gaskets, which are usually made of paper, will not hold and will flake off, reinforced also by the fact that the engines outgas oil through the gaskets. At the latest, if you want to adjust the valves and remove the cover for this purpose, the cohesive layer of paint is torn apart. 

That's how it works on the SE Concept Bike:
The engines are completely disassembled. For this reason, we only offer the black thermodynamic coating in conjunction with an engine overhaul for the BMW 2-valve engines.
Everything is carefully masked off so that no blasting material or coating gets inside the engines, which could later lead to engine damage. The crankcase is completely sealed airtight with special covers. Only when everything is well protected and well prepared does it first go to blasting and then to coating.
After everything appears in new splendour, all parts are cleaned very carefully. All oil channels are checked to ensure 100% that no foreign material has penetrated.

When all this is prepared, the rebuilding of the BMW 2-valve Boxer engine can begin.

Click here for the engine rebuild technique:
BMW 2-valve engine black coating (part of an engine overhaul) (

From the workshop Converting a BMW R80 to 1000ccm

Converting a BMW R80 to 1000cc with a big bore kit is easy, but it is a compromise. If the cylinder bore grows due to the conversion, but the combustion chamber does not, an edge is created. To prevent the piston from hitting this edge at TDC, the Big Bore piston also has an edge. These two interference points are located in the squeeze area, the most important area of the combustion chamber.
The so-called "squeeze area" is responsible for complete mixing and the strongest possible turbulence of the fuel-air mixture, resulting in complete combustion and thus lots of power, torque and efficient use of the fuel-air mixture.
The better way is to use the piston in the original design of the BMW R100 and adapt the combustion chamber. If a piston with the said edge is already fitted, we can rework the piston and, in conjunction with a combustion chamber adjustment and shortening of the cylinders (plane turning), ensure optimum conditions again.

Click here for engine tuning technology: 
BMW 2-Valve engine (


Sport-Evolution-SE-Motorcycles-Concept-BikesBMW R100 Classic Endurance Racer

22. Januar 2022      Dietmar Franzen

The model for this customised conversion was the Endurance Racer of the 1980s.
In addition to an authentic old school racer design, the R100's chassis and engine are equipped with the highest quality components. The fork is from ÖHLINS and measures 43mm in diameter. The brake system is from Brembo, the 4 piston calipers bite into 320mm brake discs. The SE Performance shock absorber for BMW 2-valves offers all adjustment possibilities, i.e. preload and length adjustment, as well as rebound and compression separately in the low and high speed range.
The BMW Boxer engine, built in our in-house engine department, produces 95 hp and 101 Nm (measured on our dynamometer). In addition to the flow-optimised R100 cylinder heads, valves, camshaft and valve train components from our own development and production have been used. The 2-1 exhaust system is a complete custom-made design, the carburettors with the open funnels are Mikuni TM 42. The SE Performance ignition system is freely programmable and designed as dual ignition. Since the BMW Racer is driven on public roads, we have kept it at the maximum 7,000 rpm and paid attention to a decent torque from low revs. For racing engines, we offer power increases up to over 100 hp, but this requires a rev window beyond 8,500 rpm.
As usual with SE Concept Bikes, everything on this Classic Racer is TÜV-approved. In this case, the engine tuning, including Mikuni TM 42 carburettor, open funnel, BMW 2-1 exhaust system and engine power, is registered. Such performance modifications can be approved up to 1988, but from 1989 onwards an exhaust emission certificate is required. This is only theoretically feasible, but in practice, due to effort and price, no longer realisable.
Are you interested in a converted bike or the components used? Just call us on 02622/922 72-0 or send us an e-mail to

BMW R 90 S Restoration
16. Dezember 2021      Dietmar Franzen

The customer wanted to fulfill a childhood dream and entrusted us with this task. In this case, we also took care of the search and purchase of a suitable donor vehicle, which in the case of a BMW R90S was not easy. Although there were offers on the market, most of the vehicles had already undergone various, and unfortunately mostly very unprofessional, restoration attempts. 

 A BMW R 90 S was in its time one of the fastest and sportiest motorcycles that you could buy. One spoke at that time of the "Über-BMW" which brought it with your 67 HP on over 200 Km/h and thus belonged to the fastest motorcycles in the world. Standards were the double disc brake, an aerodynamic rear apron and as a world premiere, a cockpit fairing installed for the first time on a production motorcycle. The fastest BMW at the time was offered in smoke gray and Daytona orange, the latter being the most popular variant to this day. The list price at the time was 9,130 DM. Today, you pay between €7,000 and €9,000 for unrestored pieces that haven't been tinkered with. If such a bike is completely restored, the price level is in the range of 30,000 € and above. Thus it represents a first-class value retention.  

 The first step is the inventory of the BMW R 90 S, starting from the base vehicle intended for it. No matter whether we have procured the vehicle or you have delivered it, we will discuss all details and compile a cost breakdown together with you. 


SE BMW Boxer Tuning

30. November 2021      Dietmar Franzen

The starting point for this performance diagram was a completely standard BMW R80 GS with 30,000 km in a very good state of maintenance.
At SE Concept Bike, it is customary to perform an input performance measurement on our motorcycle test stand before any tuning measure. This is also the way our BMW tuning kits are developed, only in this way can the applied measures and their effect also be really realistically assessed. In the end, this also provides metrological evidence of the actual increase in power and torque. torque increase has turned out. The following tuning measures were carried out on the BMW R80GS:

  • displacement increase to 1070 cc
  • Installation of a 325° SE camshaft
  • Revision of the combustion chambers
  • Cylinder head overhaul with SE valves

The initial measurement showed a power at the rear wheel of 42 hp and a torque of 50 Nm, which is pretty much in line with the factory specifications. After the described modifications, the power increased by a whopping +24 hp and the torque, thanks to the new SE camshafts, by +31 Nm. This resulted in a rear-wheel output of now 66 hp. At the clutch, that means 85 Nm of torque and 72 hp of power. The exhaust and air filter is completely original, the carburetors are also the stock versions, only the jets and needles were adjusted on our dynamometer.

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Cafe Racer and Bobber Fender Kits now also directly in black

      Dietmar Franzen
The SE fender kits are now also directly black powder coated available for order in our store. With the conversion of the front fender can easily make the first transformation to a cafe racer or bobber. We offer the fenders for the three BMW model types Monolever, Twinshock and Paralever. For the original tires, up to 110 tire width, the low versions are suitable. The fenders can also be combined with the original fork stabilizers (if installed).
But if it should be a 120 front wheel or the bias tire size 4.00 / 4.10 / 4.50, it must be the high version. In that case, the original BMW fork stabilizer, along with brackets, must usually also be removed from the fork tubes.     

To the fenders

New fender kits front

      Dietmar Franzen
The SE front fender kits with mounting hardware are plug & play. In the low version, these are suitable from the original tire sizes up to 110 tires. Due to the reception with an elongated hole of 20mm height adjustments are easily feasible.
Depending on the tire size used, the fender can be mounted under the original fork stabilizer (Monolever, Paralever) or the SE fork stabilizer. However, for tall tires, such as 4.00 or 4.50, we recommend removing the fork stabilizer brackets and using our fender kit high with 15mm longer brackets.  
The fender kits are available for all Monolever, Paralever and Twinshock models.

To the fenders


BMW Bobber Concept Bike

SE Roadster Concept Bike

      Dietmar Franzen

Our roadster has been one of the most popular bikes in the SE Concept Bike range for years. It is simply the classic, puristically reduced and authentic. Nevertheless, each bike receives the individual touch of its new owner. That's what makes Sports-Evolution Concept Bikes. We build individual bikes for individualists. The SE Concept Bikes are unique and, due to their durability, a purchase for life. You feel like getting to try such a bike once? Then call us: 02622/922 72-0

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BMW Bobber Concept Bike
SE Bobber Concept Bike

      Dietmar Franzen
BMW two-valve based bobbers are the trendsetters of the last two years. It is clear that concept is old and has already been implemented by many brands. But there is hardly a basis that can be reduced in this way and thus reinterprets this purist style.
For this concept, we have developed a self-oscillating rear fender kit that can be mounted without drilling or welding. The license plate holder is laterally displaceable, so everyone can decide for themselves how much legality is enough.
All components have a German TÜV parts certificate according to § 19.3 and can therefore be entered by any inspection agency.