SE Motors suspensions, suspension service and suspension tuning

Here you will find everything for your motorcycle suspension. Whether it's maintenance or tuning of the existing spring element or directly a new shock, our fork damping system (cartridge), a few new fork springs or a few preload adjusters. Here you will find what you are looking for.

Fork springs: Specially tailored to the BMW forks, made of high-strength OTEVA 70 spring steel and linearly wound replacement spring sets for perfect response and sufficient reserves. Included in the delivery are possibly necessary prestressing sleeves, as well as the corresponding fork oil. You can choose between three different oil viscosities in order to optimally adjust the fork to your needs.

Fork adjusters: By installing the SE fork adjusters, the spring bias can be easily adjusted from the outside on the forks of the BMW two-valve models. This allows adaptation to personal driving, sporty or tourist, solo or with a social, more driving stability or easier handling. Adapt your motorcycle to your preferences. The fork conversion gives you this possibility.

Sport-Evolution damping system: Due to the Sport-Evolution fork damping system, the aged BMW front mutates into a modern motorcycle fork, as can be found today in an R-NineT.
The forks can be adapted practically to any driving condition. The spring prestress, the compression stage and the tension stage can be adjusted, and everything can be easily carried out from the outside. But you don't have to be a chassis engineer. All systems come with a fixed basic setting, which helps them with easy-to-understand instructions should they want to make changes.