BMW Boxer two-valve fork conversion, shocks, triple clamps and more

"The bike is only for crushing anyway". Of course, we often hear sentences like that. But can a motorcycle have a bad chassis because of that? It's not always about riding fast, it's more about riding safety and comfort, and ultimately about riding fun.  Whether you need a motorcycle suspension service, fork tuning or new shockabsorbers, SE Sport-Evolution is the right place for you.

So what needs to be done? First and foremost, the technology must be in order. Motorcycle forks and motorcycle shock absorbers should be serviced every three years. The original shock absorbers of the BMW two-valves cannot be opened, consequently no maintenance can be done. If such a BMW R80 or R100 shock is now 30 years old, it is self-explanatory what needs to be done. The forks, on the other hand, can be easily revised, but the springs should be replaced. The spring force of motorcycle forks and shock absorbers wears off over the years.
And what is the difference between a cheaper spring element and a more expensive one? The difference lies in the response behavior. Especially short and fast shocks, such as those that occur during road damage, are transmitted to the rider by motorcycle shock absorbers in the lower price category, whereas high-quality motorcycle shocks absorb them mildly. Consequently, a good suspension can be tuned tighter and still work more comfortably. Ergo, more riding safety and more riding comfort = more riding fun.