Motorcycle test bench for more performance and better gas acceptance

Performance measurements and tuning work on our Dynojet I250 performance test bench.

We have been dealing with this subject for more than 25 years now. One thing is clear from the outset: A tuning or engine repair store that deals with the tuning of motorcycle engines must have a performance test bench as basic equipment. How else are performance-enhancing measures to be developed and results to be verified? Power and torque figures should be measured and provable data, not optimistic estimates.

In addition to analysis, we also use the test bench for tuning work. Load control helps us simulate real acceleration and driving situations, and a state-of-the-art lambda measurement system provides us with the relevant measurement data to write the maps of the injection engines or determine the jets of the carburetor models.

Our Dynojet I 250 test bench is TÜV approved and is thus also used for special registrations, such as modified exhaust systems, carburetor conversions or engine tuning.