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Powerkit Stage 2 1070ccm + cylinder head tuning Stage 1 +20hp 20Nm
4.555,00 EUR
Shippingtime: ca. 8 weeks
BMW Heckrahmen mit TÜVConversions with TÜV/MOT certification
• rear frames
• rear conversions
• fork yokes
• suspension
There are many cool conversions, but how about an approval registration? Every week we receive calls from customers who have been rejected by the TÜV/MOT certification office because of their conversions or custom parts.
In order to be able to offer safety to our customers we have ridden down a complicated road, Sport-Evolution has been verified and has had a TÜV/MOT expertise carried out on all of its own production parts. For this reason a registration in any TÜV/MOT certification office is possible without problems.

How does the price of an SE Concept Bike come about?
"Our Concept Bikes are fully reconditioned and completely rebuilt custom bikes, including rebuilt engine and transmission, which when completed are equivalent to the condition of a new motorcycle".

But what does that mean?
Engine and transmission are completely disassembled, crankshaft ground or lapped and rebuilt, connecting rods angled and rebuilt, oil pump completely replaced, timing chain, tensioners and tensioners new, cylinder heads converted to unleaded..... read more


Sport-Evolution Engine Building

SE has a fully equipped engine workshop and can draw on 30 years of experience in engine building and cylinder head machining. Before discovering our love for the old BMW 2-valve boxers 8 years ago, SE was involved in building and machining racing engines and racing motorcycles. Many race victories and championship titles can be traced back to the technology, support and know-how of Sport-Evolution.
Today we apply this knowledge in the development of new parts and modifications for the BMW 2V Boxer engines. In doing so, we incorporate both the traditional from the old BMW specialists, as well as much that is new in terms of materials and engine layout. This combination has resulted in many new SE products (valves, pistons, ignition system, etc.) and new ways in engine layout (valve seat geometries, squeeze edges, channel shapes, compressors). The results obtained so far and measured on our in-house performance test bench speak for themselves.
Whether you want your BMW 2-valve boxer to have a normal engine overhaul, a transmission overhaul, the powerful torque engine or a high-revving sport boxer with a lot of peak power, with SE Sport-Evolution you have found the right partner.


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