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The SE Concept Bikes are completely rebuilt and restored motorcycle conversions, including engine, transmission and electrics. We offer 4 genres: the classic cafe racer, the versatile roadster, the all-round scrambler, the old school bobber and the robust enduro.
We provide the base vehicle and take care of the TÜV inspection after the upgrade/conversion. The condition after completion corresponds to that of a new motorcycle. The bikes are delivered with one year warranty. 

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SE Sport-Evolution Motorenbau
Engines overhaul and tuning

SE has its own fully equipped engine department where we can completely overhaul your BMW two-valve boxer engine or perform any motorcycle engine tuning. Whether it's cylinder head machining, lead free build, displacement expansion, drilling / honing or face grinding, we do it all in-house. Visit us and let us take you on a tour of our engine shop.

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Das Projekt ABS System für BMW 2-Ventiler kann beginnen

Nachdem sich die Anfragen nach einem ABS System für unsere SE BMW Concept Bikes häufen, haben wir das Thema aufgegriffen. Für die 2-Ventiler mit Trommelbremse hinten sehen wir das System für die Vorderbremse vor. Da bei einem Motorrad 80% der Bremskraft über das Vorderrad übertragen werden und ein Rutscher vorne auch schwerer zu kontrollieren ist als hinten, sehen wir hier auch den Schwerpunkt.


Our advice

From the SE development department

Side stand with side stand switch for all BMW R65 R80 R100

The automatically folding side stand of the BMW 2-valve motorcycles is often a topic of discussion. The wish is often expressed that the side stand should remain folded out. Without an interrupter switch to prevent unintentional driving off with the stand folded out, however, this is simply too dangerous. We have addressed this problem and designed a side stand with an optional breaker switch that fits all BMW 2-valves and also makes it much easier to fit an exhaust system accessory. The stand base is bolted so that it can be easily shortened for lowered chassis.


 BMW SE Scrambler in Action
SE cylinder guard set 2-piece in black powder-coated or chrome-plated incl. mounting kit

You don't always have to do everything yourself. In the case of the crash bars, however, we had to. Firstly, there weren't any available on the market and if there were, the price was upwards of €250. So we fed the CAD program, looked for a good manufacturer and here they are: The SE engine guards for all BMW two-valve models.

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BMW SE Scrambler in Action
SE Footrest comfort installation kit BMW R65 R80 R100 Monolever Twinshock

The original footrests of the BMW R65 R80 and R100 are positioned comparatively far forward. In addition to the unusual seating position, the space between the carburetor and footrest is also very small. In order to create sufficient clearance, BMW has offset the footrests on the right and left by approx. 40 mm. Nevertheless, riders with larger feet in particular bump into the carburetor float chambers when shifting gears or braking.
The SE footrest adapters place the footrests at the same height. We set the brake side back 65 mm and the shift side 105 mm. We lower the height slightly by 10mm to make the knee angle even more comfortable.

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SE Sport-Evolution Motorenbau
Dream or truth?

Dream or truth? The manufacturers' performance data or the desired performance after tuning are always interesting topics for discussion. We have dedicated a category to this topic and published a few performance diagrams from our test bench and our performance kits.

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