How does the price of an SE Concept Bike come about?

How does the price of an SE Concept Bike come about?
"Our Concept Bikes are fully reconditioned and completely rebuilt custom bikes, including rebuilt engine and transmission, which when completed are equivalent to the condition of a new motorcycle".

But what does that mean?
Engine and transmission are completely disassembled, crankshaft ground or lapped and rebuilt, connecting rods angled and rebuilt, oil pump completely replaced, timing chain, tensioners and tensioners new, cylinder heads converted to unleaded, valves, valve springs, valve wedges new, cylinders overhauled, pistons and piston rings new, all bolts and grommets new, engine ceramic ball blasted, alternator overhauled, all transmission bearings new, transmission gears and transmission parts like shift forks, etc. renewed as needed. In short it is basically a new powerplant when completed.
Chassis, suspension elements, brakes: The frame is freed from all superfluous mounts, measured, and completely ground. The frame, rims and all chassis and add-on parts are powder coated, all bearings, grommets, rubbers, and bolts are replaced. The fork is completely rebuilt, new shock, calipers are blasted, powder coated and rebuilt with new pistons and seal kits.
Electrical: The main wiring harness and all auxiliary harnesses are completely new, including all switches, horn, and sender. The alternator and starter are either rebuilt or new, new handlebar switches, in short, a completely new electrical system.
Also, all Bowden cables, brake lines, fuel cap, fuel taps, as well as the conversion parts such as lights, turn signals, seat, rear frame, handlebars, speedometer, paint, too much to list everything.
In addition, it should be noted that we use original BMW spare parts for motorcycle restoration, so no cheap replica products. These are more expensive, but quality has its price.

And how is the price composed now?
Others write "engine overhauled" or "completely rebuilt", but what does that mean? For SE, an engine overhaul is not done with a big bore kit or a new head gasket. 
If you look at us or other reputable engine builders, what the rebuild of a Boxer engine, transmission, and carburetors costs, you come out everywhere at about 5,000 €. If companies want to sell you an engine rebuild, look around there carefully. Without a valve seat milling machine, a boring mill, a honing machine, a lathe, a milling bench, etc. a BMW two-valve Boxer engine cannot be overhauled. If these suppliers pass the engine on for processing, two people must earn again, which can then be even less in terms of price.
And then there are the offers "little run", so bikes that have run only 20,000 km in the 35 years. You can believe that or not or just try it. If it then comes to damage, leaks or whatever must be done. We cannot proceed in this way; our customers expect perfectly functioning bikes.

Engine, transmission, carburetor incl. labor                       5,000 €
Paintwork and upholstery                                                  800 €
Powder work                                                                      1.200 €
Conversion parts such as rear frame, lighting,
License plate holder, fenders, seat, speedometer,
Handlebar switch, handlebar fittings, suspension strut,
handlebar, triple clamp, .... (Depending on the equipment) 6.000 €
Working time vehicle body                                                    6.000 €
TÜV acceptance                                                                      350 €
+ a suitable donor motorcycles
Do I save if I get the donor vehicle myself?
We also like to rebuild many delivered bikes over the year. But if it should be a full conversion in the sense of our Concept Bikes, then you will not save anything.
In our bikes are calculated 2,000 € for the donor motorcycle. This price comes about because we simply have good sources for the purchase, we bought a lot of bikes at the right time (currently we have about 50 bikes left in stock) and we can market some of the leftover parts. On the private market a reasonable donor bike is around 3,000 € - 4,000 €.
I can't speak for the competitors, but one thing must be clear to everyone:
"For 10,000 € to 12,000 € you cannot completely overhaul a motorcycle, elaborately rebuild, paint and bring through the TÜV".
I can only advise against buying such an "overhauled complete conversion" for 10,000 €, as you are offered on the net. You can only lose and 10,000 € is also a dam rod of money. 
What if I build the bike myself? That is an option. We offer all the parts for this and are happy to support our customers with their home customizing project. With us, technical advice is included. We have TÜV certificates for many parts so that our customers do not experience any unpleasant surprises at the final TÜV inspection. It is also possible that we take over parts such as engine, transmission or electrics and you make the vehicle build your personal project.
If at some point the point should come, at which it does not go further, also no problem. We also finish started projects and bring them through the TÜV.