BMW Boxer 2-Valve engine gearbox tuning workshop

BMW Boxer engine overhaul and tuning- We get your two-valve engine going again 

  • BMW Boxer engine and transmission overhaul
  • 2-Valve cylinder heads overhaul and unleaded construction
  • Big bore kits and sport camshafts
  • Cylinder head machining and tuning
  • Performance test bench

We overhaul your BMW Boxer engine, blast or coat the casings or tune the carburettors and ignition system on our test bench. We help the two-valve cylinder heads get back on track with unleaded seat rings, increase the displacement or install a powerful torque camshaft.
You can send us individual engine parts, the dismantled engine or the entire motorbike. We will provide you with a detailed and reliable overview of all parts and work and advise you on how to get your Boxer back up to speed.
Why don't you make an appointment at our performance test stand and have your Boxer put through its paces? Then we can discuss together which measures or engine overhaul would be the best for your BMW Boxer

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No.1 Power-Kit with assembly 1070ccm + dyno tuning + power and torque measurement
2.950,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
No.3 Power-Kit with assembly 1070ccm+dual igni.+power camshaft+dyno tuning+power and torque measurement
4.780,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
  • Defective thread bore
  • Threads for thread application cut
  • Tim Sert Gewindeeinsatz use
  • Price is valid per spark plug thread
75,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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BMW Boxer engine and gearbox overhaul

Admittedly, the BMW two-valve engines were not there from the beginning. But motorcycle engine tuning and the repair of motorcycle engines is the longest operated by us business. It all started in 1992 with classic tuning for racing engines. After countless race victories and several international championship titles in our own racing teams, our passion went back to the roots, i.e. classic cylinder drilling, honing and cylinder head machining. Today, the focus is on BMW 2-valve engines. 

BMW Boxer engine overhaul

In addition to the overhaul of completely delivered engines, we dedicate ourselves especially to the machining of cylinder heads. Here, the lead-free rebuild is the most frequently performed work. Here the old seat rings are removed and replaced by ones suitable for lead-free operation. In conjunction with appropriately new valves, the engine can then be operated with the new unleaded fuels without any problems.
Another issue is the valve guides. In the past, these were operated without valve stem seals. This results in oil consumption and an oil plume coming out of the exhaust even at low levels of wear. Here we offer exclusively valve guides with stem seals for all BMW two-valve Boxer engines.   


BMW Boxer transmission overhaul

To overhaul motorcycle gearboxes and to distance them exactly, you need not only skill but also a lot of experience. The BMW 2-valve gearboxes are completely disassembled, the housings are blasted with kermaic gel, then everything is cleaned and measured. Possibly defective parts are exchanged and meticulously calibrated with new bearings. Such a gearbox shifts again easily and precisely and is ready for its next life. 
- BMW Boxer transmission overhaul
- Gearbox housing ceramic ball blasting
- Gearbox housing black powder coating
- BMW R80 long 5.gear
- BMW R100 long 5th gear
- Transmission overhaul at fixed cost
You can deliver us single gearbox parts, the removed two-valve gearbox or the whole motorcycle. We will provide you with a detailed and reliable overview of all parts and work and advise you on how to make your Boxer transmission fit again.

Based on our extensive experience in this area, we have put together a parts package that corresponds to the actual revision requirements in 90% of all cases. So you have the costs for the BMW motorcycle transmission overhaul in one package and know what to expect. If, however, more parts are needed, we will of course discuss this with you before the repair begins.

The absolute prerequisite for overhauling and tuning motorbike engines are the machines and tools needed for this. To overhaul a motorbike cylinder head, you need a valve seat milling machine, a valve grinding machine and a facing machine. To overhaul cylinders, you need a boring mill and a boring machine. A lathe to fit valve seat inserts, a CNC milling machine to machine combustion chambers. For tuning motorbikes, a dynamometer is indispensable. How else are the measures to be evaluated, a tuning of carburettors or injection systems to be carried out or the performance increase achieved to be proven to the customer. At SE Concept Bike you can rest assured in this case. We have one of the best-equipped motorbike engine shops in Germany.

BMW twovalve boxer engine tuning

Motorbike engine tuning is something for specialists who have the necessary machinery and the corresponding experience. Sport-Evolution has proven through countless race victories, several national and international championship titles that we know what we are talking about. The performance increases we give are not estimates, but values seriously measured on our in-house performance test bench.
Our BMW 2-valve tuning kits are carefully matched components.
The 1000cc kits always include a new cylinder set, here we take a BMW R80 as a basis. For the 1070cc power kits, both a BMW R80 and a R100 are suitable as a basis. Since our two-valve tuning kits include the machining and adjustment of the combustion chambers to the modified bore, this is possible without compromise.