BMW Boxer 2-Valve Caburator and carburator-tuning

TÜV registration of carburettors, sports air filters or funnels

In principle, modifications to these parts are subject to registration. There are no certificates or an ABE for them; the registration must be carried out by individual approval. As a rule, a performance and noise measurement is required. Up to an Ez of 1988 you have a good chance, from Ez 1989 onwards an exhaust emission certificate is required. This is theoretically possible, but not practically feasible due to the high costs involved.
The requirements for the registration of individual air filters or carburettor modifications depend on the respective inspection authority and can vary greatly in terms of both effort and cost. Therefore, it is best to talk to the respective test engineer in advance. It is clear that this requires a vehicle that is ready to drive and in a condition that is otherwise suitable for registration.

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Hose clamp for rubber sleeve M42
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