BMW Boxer 2-Valve fork modification service and tuning

The motorcycle fork determines handling and ride quality. In addition to a complete overhaul of the original fork, we also offer to rework your motorcycle fork. A fork rebuild on a motorcycle can lead to completely different riding characteristics, often a bike feels like a completely new machine afterwards. The motorcycle fork is not only decisive for the handling, but also determines the comfort and stability of the bike.

How and why is the fork shortened on the two-valve BMW Boxer models in order to lower the forks? Read more here

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Motorcycle fork rework and fork conversion. As an expert in BMW Café Racer conversions, our goal is to combine classic looks with the most up-to-date driving characteristics and safety technology possible. The motorcycle fork plays an important role for the overall handling and also in extreme situations, such as emergency braking or evasive maneuvers. Although the classic look is desired on café racers, this does not automatically exclude driving fun as on current models. A fork conversion on the motorcycle is only one part of the extensive work we perform. First and foremost, we carry out the conversion of your motorcycle fork as part of conversion work, but this is generally also possible individually, for other conversion projects or other models. Furthermore, we can shorten the fork tubes and thus lower the fork on BMW R45, R65, R80 and R100. In addition, you will find a large selection of parts for the maintenance or conversion of your motorcycle fork, such as oil seals, dust caps, steering head bearings, bellows sets, fork damping systems or standpipe models for all classic BMW two-cylinder.