Motorcycle carburetor tuning, ignition tuning

What bits and bytes are today were not so long ago carburetor jets, jet needles and float levels. Thus, the requirements for obtaining a fuel/air mixture have changed, but the requirements of a four-stroke engine for the right mixture have remained the same to this day.
The dyno tuning of carbureted engines requires a great deal of intuition, since changes to the needle or the nozzle do not just change a specific area, but usually have an overarching effect. This not only requires a lot of experience, but also the right tools are essential to achieve good results.
At SE Sport-Evolution, we use state-of-the-art technology for this purpose. Our in-house Dynojet i 250 motorcycle dynamometer has an exact exhaust gas measuring system where the exhaust gas is sucked to the lambda probes of the dynamometer by means of very powerful vacuum pumps. The mixture composition is displayed in real time and placed under the RPM/power curve during measurement.
This allows your carburetors and ignition systems, whether they are the original BMW Bing carburetors, Dellorto PHM38/40 or Mikuni TM36/40/42, to be perfectly tuned and achieve the best possible results.

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