BMW fork modification

BMW fork modification
Fork springs: Specially designed for BMW forks, made of high-strength OTEVA 70 spring steel and linearly wound replacement spring sets for perfect response and sufficient reserves. The scope of delivery includes any necessary preload sleeves as well as the corresponding fork oil. You can choose between three different oil viscosities to adjust the fork optimally to your needs. 

Fork adjuster: By installing the SE fork adjuster, it is very easy to adjust the spring preload on the forks of the BMW 2-valve models from the outside. This allows an adaptation to the personal driving style, sporty or touristic, solo or with passenger, more driving stability or easier handling. 

SE damping system: The Sport-Evolution fork damping system transforms the aged BMW front fork into a modern motorcycle fork, as can also be found in an R-NineT today. 
The forks can be adjusted to practically any driving condition. The spring preload, compression stage and rebound stage are adjustable and can all be easily carried out from the outside. But you don't have to be a chassis engineer to do that. All systems are shipped with a default setting, an easy-to-follow guide to help you make changes should you need to. 

Basically there are three different chassis systems: Twinshock, Monolever and Paralever. 
  • Twinshock models with two rear shock absorbers (built until 1984) fork diameter 36mm 
  • Monolever models (one-arm swingarm rigid, built 1985-1993) fork diameter 38,5mm 
  • Paralever models (one-arm swingarm with joint at the cardan, built since 1991) fork diameter 41mm 
  • GS models with paralever (single arm swing arm with joint on cardan) fork diameter 40mm 
  • GS models with monolever (single swing arm rigid) fork diameter 38,5mm 
If you are unsure, simply measure the fork diameter with a calliper or give us a call. 
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