BMW Boxer Suspension

BMW suspension

High-quality suspension retrofittings and parts for your 2 valves BMW. 

The BMW 2 valves models, usually known as „Gummikuh“, deserve an update. Especially after some extensive conversions, with more than 50kg weight reduction, the original suspension couldn’t work
properly anymore.

A Custom-Bike should not only look good, but also have a good driving quality.

That’s why we had some ideas about the BMW 2 valves bikes and developed some perfectly customized products for them. It is difficult to imagine how agile, handy and accurate such a „Gummikuh“can drive after this redesign.

Basically there are three different suspension systems: Twinshock, Monolever and Paralever. 

  • Twinshock models with two rear shock absorbers (built up to1984) fork diameter 36mm

  • Monolever models (one rigid swingarm, built 1985-1993) fork diameter 38,5mm

  • Paralever models (one swingarm with joint on the cardan, built from 1991) fork diameter 41mm

  • GS models with Paralever (one swingarm with joint on the cardan) fork diameter 40mm

  • GS models models with Monolever (one rigid swingarm) fork diameter 38,5mm

If you are not sure, just measure the fork diameter with a caliper or give us a call.