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We were able to convince Jürgen Ottke (Sattle-Meister) that the Sport-Evolution team still needs a saddlery and that he, with his skill and 30 years of professional experience, is just the thing. So it came to pass that we completely took over the saddlery operation and relocated it from Koblenz to Neuwied, on our company grounds.

Do you have questions about saddle work or are planning a project? Call us or send us an email, we will be happy to advise you:

Jürgen Ottke
TEL:  02622/922720

Car heaven revised, renewed, rebuilt


  • Make and install clamping skies
  • New cover/gluing of cardboard/formwork
Price on request
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We carry out the following saddle work:
  • Manufacture of completely individual benches
  • Production of individual seat covers
  • Modification of existing benches
  • Construction or implementation of special solutions

  • Reconstruction or restoration of interior such as dashboards or door panels
  • Reconstruction or restoration of complete vehicle interiors
  • Reconstruction or restoration of vehicle seats
  • Repair or reconstruction of convertible tops
  • Individual production of complete convertible top
  • Repair or restoration of the hood mechanism