BMW engine tuning power


Sport-Evolution Motorcycles has its own engine department in which we can rebuild your BMW dual-valve engine from scratch and perform any kind of Mo-tapping. Whether cylinder head machining, lead-free conversion, displacement extension or plane grinding - we carry out all work at our premises. We have been working on the modification and construction of engines, engine parts and cylinder heads for 25 years. For all trades, we use exclusively state-of-the-art tools for sport evolution. For coordination work and measurements, the in-house performance test bench is available to us.

We have been conducting test bench adjustments on carburettor and single-injection motorcycles for 25 years. We optimally adjust your carburettors and ignition system to all driving conditions, tune the engine e. g. on open funnels or K & N single air filters. We program your injection system on a per-fault lambda characteristic field so that an optimum power output and a highly sensitive gas acceptance is achieved.