BMW engine gearbox tuning service

BMW 2V Boxer engines transmission overhaul

Admittedly, the BMW two-valve engines were not there from the beginning. But motorcycle engine tuning and overhauling is our longest running business. It all started in 1992 with classic tuning for racing engines. After countless race victories and several international championship titles in our own racing teams, our passion went back to the roots, i.e. classic cylinder drilling, honing and cylinder head machining. Today the focus is on BMW 2-valve engines. 
BMW Boxer engine overhaul
In addition to the overhaul of completely delivered engines, we dedicate ourselves especially to the machining of cylinder heads. Here, the lead-free rebuild is the most frequently performed work. Here the old seat rings are removed and replaced by ones suitable for lead-free operation. In conjunction with appropriately new valves, the engine can then be operated with the new unleaded fuels without any problems.
Another issue is the valve guides. In the past, these were operated without valve stem seals. This results in oil consumption and an oil plume coming out of the exhaust even at low levels of wear. Here we offer exclusively valve guides with stem seals for all BMW two-valve Boxer engines.   
BMW Boxer transmission overhaul
To overhaul motorcycle gearboxes and to distance them exactly, you need not only skill but also a lot of experience. The BMW 2-valve gearboxes are completely disassembled, the housings are blasted with kermaic gel, then everything is cleaned and measured. Possibly defective parts are exchanged and meticulously calibrated with new bearings. Such a gearbox shifts again easily and precisely and is ready for its next life.